Crest of the college is the integrated symbol of the aims and objectives of the institution, as conceived by the founders of the institutions during the eighties of the last century.

At the bottom, on a curved base the place of establishment Bijaya Dhanurjaya Pur, followed by the name of the District Ganjam is epigraphed. In between two equidistant circles, below and in between the two illuminating stars, the year of establishment is inscribed 1981. It is traced back to 10th July 1981 the date on which the college started to sail on into the academic ocean with its crew. Learn more...


TSDC is a 'NAAC' accredidated Grade 'B' college, established in the year 1981, affiliated to CHSE Odisha and Berhampur University.

The main function or strategic goal of the college is to "Promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes to contribute for national integration".

To promote quality academic in the locality with the assistance of the NAAC, UGC, Govt. of Odisha and Learn more

  • Principal's Message:
  • An exuberant welcome to the college.

    “Education awakens the power and banally that lies within us. and it helps In line our hidden skills”. Education dose not only means academic excellence, it rather is a harmonious and synchronized combination of hand had and heart .In this digitalization world it is the biggest challenge before teacher and pared to nature the young minds with the indelible impressions of a holistic education. more...

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